Moving Out Chronicles

Damn. Sweet justice feels so friggin’ good! Remember how I didn’t get the apartment I really wanted because the owner lied to me about the move-in date? AND he was trying to strong arm me into moving in earlier? Well I went on Craigslist tonight and bam!, that same apartment is back on the market. Of course, now the rent is $150 more. This is what that landlord gets for being a complete jerk. He told me he had two other people waiting to move in within the next week so I had to decide quickly! I guess that potential tenant wasn’t so promising after all, or something came up. I hope he regrets going back on his word and not choosing me. I, on the other hand, do not regret my decision at all to say no to the early move-in date.

I won’t apply again since my experience left a really sour taste in my mouth. It appears this landlord doesn’t have his stuff together. Plus, maybe the potential tenant wasn’t comfortable with his antics or him as a person in general and backed out. I might have saved myself a huge headache. That’s karma! 

So I mentioned in my last update that I applied for this super nice apartment. I got a call from the leasing company and it turns out that apartment belongs to the HOA because the previous owner was late on his payments so it went into foreclosure. The HOA would honor the one year lease but after that, they would most likely kick the renter out and try to sell it. I’m looking for something more permanent than one year. Also, I’m not going to go through all of the work moving out, settling in, and then having to repeat this whole ordeal of apartment hunting again. Thus, I withdrew my interest. 

The first week of April I was visiting open houses like no one’s business. I would go during work, lunch, and after work. I had to make up excuses for why I was coming home so late. My mother would not be happy to hear she was waiting on me for dinner because I was out shopping for apartments. I viewed a few places and JESUS. These places were old and disgusting. I would be embarrassed to live there, let alone have anyone over. The wooden doors were splintering so you could see flakes of wood coming off. The kitchen cabinets and stove were so old school I thought I was in another era. Nonetheless, people were filling out applications like it was the last apartment left in the Bay. I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe it. I didn’t even bother requesting an application because there was no way I could live in a place like that. I’m not being high maintenance or a diva. However, there are certain standards that all living spaces should have and these apartments were so far off, I couldn’t justify paying that much money for them. I wouldn’t even live there if the rent was free. Yes, it was that bad! I chatted with some other applicants and they told me it’s all because of the safe neighborhood. The apartments are crappy but because the neighborhood is super safe and quaint, they can jack up the prices. 

For now, I’m going to take a break from my apartment hunt. I was extremely stressed, tired, and rattled by those few weeks of searching. I want to recuperate and return with an energized and healthier mindset. My coworker offered some words of encouragement: don’t approach it as a problem, but as a challenge. It would be a more enjoyable (and bearable) experience. I also want to see where my boyfriend would be working before committing to a place since we plan to live together. At the moment, I’m just going to take a peek here and there on CL and see if anything catches my eye. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to find a place ASAP.

Whoa. Even Yelp is giving me a hard time. Definitely not my week.

People on the interwebs are so mean! This isn’t even a teenager! It’s a middle aged man. Why would you send a complete stranger such a nasty message? Ain’t nobody forcing you to read my reviews!

After I responded, I blocked him so he can’t contact me or send me any messages. Then I reported his profile. Don’t mess with me.

And you guys. My comeback.

Ugh. This week.

Thank Buddha it is Friday because this week was terrible. It started out fine when I attended a Yelp Elite Event on Monday. It was at a new ice cream shop that opened in Oakland and I brought my friend. It was really fun! And did I mention free ice cream? After that I had a delicious dinner with her filled with fries and mussels. So that night I had ice cream, French fries, and mussels for dinner. Win!

Then it went all downhill from there. I had a hectic week at work and I thought I did something really stupid but luckily it turned out to be OK at the end. The freeway entrance that I use to get to work is under construction so it took me 45 min to get to work on Wednesday (normally 35). There were no warning/detour signs or else I would have used another entrance. Then yesterday I wanted to take another entrance but I got lost in my own city! How does that happen? I’m so directionally challenged. It took me a whole friggin’ hour to get to work! And at work yesterday, I received free A’s tickets for 20 games!! It’s not as great as it sounds. My boss wanted to purchase a pack of 24 games for us and one of my coworkers asked me how many games I wanted to go to. I thought she meant just games I’m interested in and she would make further selections based on mine. But nope, she got me all of the games I picked. I feel so bad because I don’t even think I can go to half of them! I wasted so much money! Plus, my boss probably thinks I’m some kind of ticket hogger.

Last night I found out one of my best friends got into a serious car accident. She is fine but can’t say the same for her BMW. She is devastated and super sad as anyone would be but I told her we should simply be grateful that no one was hurt. A car is a materialistic thing. It can be replaced. 

And then this morning I found a nail in my tire. OMG. What the heck? This is the second time in a month that my tire was punctured. Fortunately, this time I didn’t get a flat so I could still drive my car to the auto shop. I guess the nail acted as a plug and prevented any air from escaping. Unfortunately because I didn’t get a flat, I don’t know how long the nail was in my tire and it created damage to the “side wall” of the tire. This nail was also ridiculously long. :( My car isn’t even 2 years old yet and I need to replace one of the tires. This messes things up when I have to replace all four of my tires because one will be newer than the others. UGH. I decided to get a brand new tire, same as the original ones I got with my car which means more $$$. A generic brand tire would be cheaper but I’ll sleep better at night knowing Ryan Gosling has all four high quality Bridgestone tires. I found Costco had the best price for a replacement. There goes $162. At least I have a job so it’s not that painful…

My boyfriend bought me a swim suit and North Face hoodie from REI today. Shopping always makes things better! He’s a member and they have a sale going on so he asked me if I wanted anything. He shouldn’t have done that. But it’s very sweet of him!

There is this Chinese superstition that the year of your zodiac sign is filled with bad luck. This year is the year of the horse, which is my sign. I’ve had pretty shitty luck so far this year. Hopefully it’ll turn around soon. 

God. I’m so upset about my car. I found some scratches too on Ryan Gosling that are 1-2 inches long. I still haven’t figured out how to fix those scratches and now this. Being an adult sucks. 


Look at how long that nail is!

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